A massive thank you goes out to each and every individual who was here to support me throughout this election process including before, during, and after voting periods. You took out your time, trusted me, and put yourself out there to represent this team--to represent me. I won't forget your kindness, sincerity and support, and will continue to fight for change like I have done for so many years.

Jim McDowell

Why I’m Running for Brampton City Council

My name is Jim McDowell and I am running for Brampton City Council, wards 2 & 6.

I have worked, lived and raised a family in Brampton for 20 years.

I am a graduate of McMaster – CAW Labour Studies and the Canadian Labour College.

As past President of the Peel Regional Labour Council and the Chair of the Brampton Health Coalition, I have worked on many of the issues that matter to Bramptonians.

Some of the campaigns I have been working on for families in Brampton are $15 and fairness, advocating for the LRT, Pharmacare and many other campaigns.

I have worked with and lobbied the Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments to bring local concerns to the forefront.

Brampton City Council has been deadlocked and this will continue if we elect the same Councillor again.

We need CHANGE in Branpton City Council and we need it now. With a united council, I know that we can solve many of the issues our city is facing.

When I am elected to Brampton City Council, I will work tirelessly to:

  1.  Increase jobs in Brampton by working with the Economic Development agency in Brampton.
  2.  I will bring my eyes and ears to the budget meetings to ensure your tax dollars are being used wisely.
  3.  Making Brampton safer will be a priority for me. I will pledge to have a Safety Audit of our communities.
  4.  Advocate for more public transit where our current Councillor has failed.


I care deeply about what is happening to my city and want to be part of the solution to the issues Brampton is facing. This is why I am running for Brampton City Council. I know I can make a real difference.

A vote for Jim McDowell is A Vote For Change.

Choose Change!

I thank you for your support now and in the future.