On September 17 of this year, the Brampton Economic Development Office (BEDO) announced it had implemented a new strategy for the city in order to attract new investments and job growth in Brampton.

The BEDO will be working with community stake holders and the Federal and Provincial ‎governments to identify market opportunities, and generate quality leads. Building and nurturing relationships will be key in order to maximize investment and job creation in Brampton.

One of the biggest deterrence to investment from major investors in Brampton is our lack of infrastructure. The BEDO will be researching what infrastructure Brampton needs to focus on to attract new investment and jobs to our city.

Recently with the announcement of the new Ryerson University Campus with a National Centre for Cyber Security and with the development of a health and life sciences cluster around the Peel Memorial Centre, Brampton is on its way to developing the infrastructure we need to make our city world class.

‎Sadly on Oct 28, 2016, the current Brampton City Council voted down a $1.5 billion proposal to bring Light Rail Transit (LRT) to Brampton‎. ‎Council voted 6-5 against this investment.

Hamilton, Kitchener and other cities around southern Ontario are being revitalized by the investment they have made in their LRT systems. For every $1 dollar in investment that a city makes toward LRT, another $100 of investment follows.

I have spoken with investment bankers and they all advise their clients not to invest in cities who do not have efficient, effective public transit – LRT.

Brampton is far behind in its public transit system and this is key in attracting investment and jobs.

We need a Brampton City Council who will work together to ‎development the infrastructure we need to attract the investment that will create jobs for the residents of Brampton.